Our aim is to design and build your garden. We enjoy the process of designing and then creating the gardens that we have planned with our clients. Clients enjoy this process too. Our core team has two very experienced designers, one of which is always available on site; this gives flexibility, allowing for spontaneous creative solutions to any situation on site.

Initial Meeting

At this meeting Max will discuss your garden aspirations with you. You will be shown a portfolio of photos and drawings. Max will talk through ideas and possibilities,  consider a realistic budget and explain the ‘design to garden completion’ process. This meeting is free and is typically 1-2 hours long. The garden would be surveyed and measured at this stage.


Most gardens require design input. A quote for design will have been discussed at the Initial Meeting. Design fees start at £100. Usually several sketch designs will be produced. These will be discussed and then a Final Design will be produced, accommodating any adjustments requested by the client. The Final Design serves as the basis for a Quotation to carry out the work.

Quotation with Specification

An itemised specification and quote based on the Final Design.
Contract to be signed by both parties.


Construction is by an experienced in-house team and is managed by Max.


Maintenance of a garden after completion is of course essential. Whilst we do not do weekly garden maintenance i.e. lawn mowing or weeding, we do welcome the opportunity to see our gardens develop. Two or three visits a year is sufficient to check the garden is progressing well and if necessary carry out any structural pruning or suggest certain maintenance tasks that may need attention.